Auxiliary History

On April 19, 1921, seventeen ladies held an organizational meeting at the Moody Baker Building to establish the American Legion Auxiliary in Ellsworth. A check for $2.00 was sent for a permanent charter for the Eldon C. Kinne Post 204. The auxiliary rented the Odd Fellows Hall to hold their meetings for $30 a year.

The first president was Bird Reed. Dues were $1 a year and each member donated 10 cents at the meeting for lunch. In 1923 they started meeting in homes. They had white elephant sales, card parties, food sales and the Poppy Program, to raise funds.

Amelia Englehart was an auxiliary member and Gold Star Mother of Virgil Englehart, who died in WWII. In 1944, the auxiliary was re-chartered under Kinne-Englehart Post 204 with 40 members.

Through the years, the auxiliary has been instrumental in supporting local charities, Badger Girl's State, Girl Scouts, County Government Days, VA Hospitals, sending supplies to soldiers and many other veteran programs.

The auxiliary currently has two Gold Star Mothers and 100 members of which five are under 60 year members and nineteen are 50-year members.

The National American Legion Auxiliary was founded in November 1919 to support the veterans of WWI. The ALA is the world's largest patriotic woman's service organization. The American Legion Auxiliary’s mission is to serve veterans, their families, and their community.


The American Legion Auxiliary Emblem: The rays of the sun stand for Loyalty, Justice, Freedom, and Democracy, dispelling the darkness of violence, strife, and evil. The unbroken circle of blue represents Unity and Loyalty. The field of white exemplifies the hope of Freedom. The star of blue is the emblem of service in war and an emblem of service in time of peace. This emblem is the emblem of Americanism and Service.


Auxiliary Preamble of the Constitution

For God and country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes:

Preamble of the Constitution of the American Legion

For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes:


The American Legion

4 Pillars